Our Wild Mustangs

In Memory of Comanche's Spirit and American Heritage

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Read: "After every sunset comes a new dawn. Love always lives on." | Read: Mustang Communication

Wild Mustangs -- born July '78, Susanville, CA

Died 6/19/02 — We will remember you always. The pasture will never be the same without you, and it will never be shared by anyone else. It was your place, and yours alone. We love you both — the best wild Mustangs in the world! You gave us much pleasure over the years and you will be greatly missed. But I will remember your words: "....Each day is a gift, we the grateful recipients. But the greatest gift is the day we decide to go home. ....We will be running with the wild — the herd we once knew, the Mustangs of forever — in the fields called Forever Green."

Read what Comanche and Heritage have communicated to my friend, Colleen, an animal communicator for Animal Wellness (holisticanimal.com).

Read more on the Wild Mustang and Frank Hawkins who championed mustangs all his life (it is partly thanks to him that a few herds of them still run wild in America today).

Mustang Communication | Sunset....Dawn