2-21-1990 to 9-11-2006 | Music: The Green Hills / Karen Marie Garrett

He was such a good kitty. He was so loved and will be soooooo missed. Who will sit at my feet while I play my piano every night? Maybe Pookie's spirit will come and visit me.

Pookie's Photo Gallery

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Ode to Pookie: By my friend Shannon in Australia


  1. Pookie and his next-door neighbor Gallita
  2. Visiting Chester's grave right after he died. It was like he was saying goodbye to Chester because he sat there quiet in that same spot for a long while.
  3. Pookie's new water fountain - he loved his fountain.
  4. Having to stay indoors after the onset of his diabetes. Took a lot of adjustment because he used to just come and go as he pleased. He was always such a trooper. Just dealt with whatever needed to be done. Such a GREAT cat. I will miss him terribly.  I sure loved Pookie -- Pooder Man.
  5. Outside just enjoying the day.