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In Memory of Comanche and Heritage

"After every sunset comes a new dawn. Love always lives on."
The story below:

Royal Sunset Rose In Memory of Comanche and HEritage New Dawn Rose

Colleen and Wayne Nicholson sent lovely roses for our yard. She wrote me with the story behind the order:

"While I was ordering the roses on the 18th, it was my goal to get something special for the pasture. At first I thought of a tree, like a horse chestnut, but there were two problems with that -- one, I don't know if they grow in your climate, and two, if you moved, you'd be hard pressed to take it with you if you wanted to. <gg> So I searched for a nursery in Petaluma and found the Rose Co. which was my second favorite idea because you like to garden and roses are for winning horses — and Comanche and Heritage are definitely winners in my mind.

"I told the man that I was from New York and wanted to order these for you, but I wasn't sure what would grow out there. I was looking for a climbing rose, and if they could deliver. He said both were doable, so I asked what they had. He mentioned the apricot one and said its name was Royal Sunset. At this point, Comanche, who had been only mildly paying attention to me beforehand, decided to give me his full attention. Heritage joined right in.

"Royal Sunset was very symbolic to Comanche. That's what he wanted.

"Now, I asked the man if he thought I should get two different colours or two of the same for a more dramatic, mass planting effect. He thought two of the same.

"I still felt conflicted, perhaps two different colours would be better? In retrospect, I believe it's because Heritage hadn't picked hers yet.

"So we moved on to the message card/receipt.

"The horses helped me formulate that .... 'After every sunset....' and the man is busy writing this down, '....comes a new dawn.'

"'Oh,' he says, stopping me from the rest of what was to be on the card. 'If you want two different colours, then we have a really nice rose called 'New Dawn.' He told me he thought it was pink, but from your description, it's really white. The colour didn't matter, Heritage was very happy with this rose— its name.

"I gave him the last line of the message which was from the three of us: me, Comanche & Heritage: 'Love always lives on.'"

Bouquet from Chris & Sirena

Also, our next door neighbors, Chris and Sirena, brought us over a beautiful bouquet in memory of Comanche and Heritage, as they will miss them too — they would pick apples from their trees and lob them over into the pasture for the horses, and Comanche and Heritage would eat to their hearts' content. We are thankful for our kind, compassionate neighbors who love animals just like we do.

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